Portable radios help to enhance communication, security, worker safety, reduce costs and heighten customer service allowing you to efficiently manage your customers' needs. They are ideal for use by a variety of industries that are looking to remain competitive in today’s market.


Mobile Radios provide crisp, continuous and high quality effective communications for all your in-vehicle needs. With designs focused on efficiency, reliability and durability, your team can communicate easily and comfortably.


At Radiowave Communications, we understand that one of the most consistent challenges within the mining and oil & gas industries is how to maximize operational productivity to achieve production quotas while at the same time keeping every person on site safe always. With our professional team and quality tools & equipment, we have the capacity to design, develop, install and commission reliable, effective and efficient communication solutions on any scale


GSM signals don't always reach the end-user at their optimal strength resulting in poor connections and performances. Don't get frustrated! Use a GSM Signal Booster to easily amplify weak GSM signals and get stronger connections and better performances for all connected devices.


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Guest Safety and Security - Motorola's Hospitality Communication Solutions

Security teams depend upon seamless and instantaneous communication in order to maintain self and welcoming environments for guests. When an...

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Facilities and Maintenance - Motorola's Hospitality Communication Solutions

Next-generation communication solutions can make the difference between flawless service and frustrated guests. They’re instant, always available,...

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Guest Relations - Motorola's Hospitality Communication Solutions

Respond to guests' requests quickly, track supplies, confirm room availability and manage staff, all while maintaining a professional appearance.

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We are one of the leading providers of Wireless & Navigation, Voice and Data solutions in Tanzania with over 15 years of experience. We are also the official authorized Garmin Distributor in Tanzania providing innovative and exciting products across the Tanzanian market.

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