The Important Role Played by Two-Way Radio Accessories

If you have or are investing in the purchase of a two-way radio system, it will be worth considering purchasing accessories to enhance your system. There is a wide range of accessories from batteries, headsets, speaker microphones and cases and we go through below some of the potential choices that are available which will benefit your company.

Some of the questions you may be facing as a radio system owner are: Is your radio system running to maximum efficiency and effectiveness? Are your staff comfortable using two way radios? Is the battery life adequate? Are the radios getting damaged quickly? If you see some of these issues then looking at additional complementary radio accessories will be a justifiable route to maximise the efficiency of your scheme.

One of the deciding factors when purchasing radio accessories for your radio system is that the accessory should be fit for purpose. If they are being used for construction they should be waterproof, dustproof and durable and certainly conform to MIL-SPEC. Comfort should also be considered. Most radio users will be using a radio and say a headset for the duration of a shift so anything heavy or cumbersome could become uncomfortable and may cause fatigue.

Cost may also be an issue. Be wary though. It might initially look a cost-effective package buying from third party suppliers. However, buying from these suppliers could be considered a false economy. What might be cheaper may not be built to same standards as the radio, will not perform as well as manufacturers products and may cause damage to the radio's accessory sockets. This will leave the user feeling let down.

Not all third-party manufacturers are a bad thing. Some specialise only in accessories and can offer enhancements to the basic product that the manufacturer cannot. We are finding this to be the case with Talking Headsets who specialise in headset technology and ProEquip who provide a full range of microphones and headsets. So, if we have an enquiry from a customer for a specific request, say Bluetooth or Aviation headset, they can generally source or design a solution very quickly to meet the customer's needs.

Radio accessories are an essential part in delivering radio solutions to customers. Security staff may require discrete headsets and earpieces, warehouse staff that may require a speaker microphone and retail workers who may need an effective stubby antenna which won't dig into them during a shift.

There are some areas that accessories are mandatory. If an environment is over 85dB in noise such as a factory, engine room, pump house or racing circuit an employer is required by law to equip their staff with noise-cancelling equipment.

In addition to two-way radios, Icom has a broad range of accessories which make our radios even more useful whether you are a businessperson, marine user, pilot or hobbyist. Our accessories can help keep multiple radios organised, make it easier to hear in noisy environments and prevent user fatigue.

Chargers and Batteries:
Chargers and Batteries are two of the most essential accessories available for a radio system. A long-lasting and powerful battery not only increases the time the radio can be used but also means fewer recharges. Chargers are available in several formats including single chargers or multi chargers that are a great tool for storing and managing a fleet of radios.

Six-way or multi-chargers provide a logical location for storing multiple radios when not in use. This reduces the chance that someone might need to track down a misplaced radio. Make sure you check to see if you are purchasing a fast charger. Slow chargers may take up to 12-14 hours to charge a battery, whereas a fast charger can do this in just a couple of hours.

Headsets & Earpieces:

Your team may be spending hours using two-way radios, and their lives will be made easier by introducing a headset. Dispatchers, announcers and others may find that a handheld radio is inconvenient to use for extended periods. When they use a headset, they can use a radio without needing to hold a handset, preventing fatigue and letting them concentrate on their job.

Whether for convenience or discretion, an earpiece will provide the perfect solution for those who are working in business or in security industries. Your team may need to be reachable by radio over extended time frames. They also need to be able to hear the radio over the noise of a crowd and to have their hands free at times. They may need to interact with the general public, and a bulkier headset can have poor aesthetics. Earpieces are comfortable and easy to use for long periods, but it also makes the end-user look more professional.


One of the most useful two-way radio accessories is a speaker microphone. These useful devices can be attached to your shirt or jacket allowing you to talk and listen without holding the radio, which can be neatly stored in a carry case, clipped to your belt or put in a pocket. You have the ability to operate the radio from the speaker microphone without having to use the buttons on the radio. Merely locking the radio keypad will also ensure you remain on your working channel. As speaker microphones are often used close to the ear, you will find that received messages from the speaker on the microphone itself are clearly heard.

Radio Cases

A good quality case can provide extra protection should a radio get dropped from a height, can guard against scratching or damage and can stop water getting into the radio body. What's more, cases are easily attached to a belt.

Accessories can significantly enhance the performance of your two-way radio. Being well-informed on your exact needs can make all the difference. We have just talked about a few of the types of issues in choosing accessories you can buy, and there are many more including antennas, mounting kits, add on PCB's, external speakers that can make a difference to your radio system. There is a vast range of two-way radio accessories on the market today.


Source: Icom Blog


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