Antenna & Feeder


The antenna is a directional antenna consisting of a driven element (dipole) and additional parasitic elements (reflector and one or more directors). It design achieves this high ...

Feeder & Connector , Jumper

The antenna uses a parabolic reflector, a curved surface with cross-sectional shape of parabola to direct the radio waves. It has high directivity and gains with narrowest beam ...

Indoor Omni Antenna is placed at the end of the signal distributed network and transmits the signal to coverage area where mobile user exists in building.

This antenna radiates in only a specific direction. Its uses wave guide technology to focus radio signals into a focused, effective signal by concentrating their energy.

This antenna is a broadband directional narrow-beam antenna, which has log-periodic dipole arrays that are regularly repetitive as a logarithmic function of the excitation ...

The sector antenna consists of a dipole placed ahead of a flat-panel reflector, which is used to increase received signal strength due to their size and directional properties.


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