Mission-Critical Communication

Put critical information at the fingertips of first responders where and when they need it by providing interoperable, secure preparedness and response across agencies, borders, networks and devices


Designed for rapid response, Motorola's deployable and interoperable response solutions provide extra support for special events, run specialized applications and provide back-up support to primary systems in the event of an emergency.


Product Overview

Preparation is Critical: The world we live in is changing and preparation is critical. Whether it's adding capacity to cover a sporting or entertainment event, ensuring greater coverage for emergencies, or quickly replacing downed communications due to a disaster, how fast you can respond will determine the success or failure of your public safety first responders.

Motorola's deployable solution are cost effective, dependable, reliable, and addresses your need for additional communications power for emergency response. But picking the right deployable solution for you requires planning and expertise.

Motorola's public safety two-way radio communications experts will work closely with you to understand your environment, the area you need to cover, the tower height that will give you optimal coverage, and numerous other ancillary factors to customize the best solution that fits your needs.    

A unique solution for your unique environment:  Motorola RF Site on Wheels deployable solutions uniquely fit your need for dependable, temporary augmentation of your existing network or for rapid recovery from catastrophic failure. 

- Pre-configured, pre-built, pre-tested - Each customer environment is different and Motorola designs the right solution to meet your specific network architecture needs.
- Fully integrated RF site - Includes the shelter, antenna, Motorola radio equipment, trailer, backhaul and generator with fuel for continuous, self-contained usage for up to seven days without refueling (depending on configuration).
- Easy to transport - The system can be transported to the site either by land (F350 truck) or air drop-in (helicopter lift).
- Quick to deploy - In less than 30 minutes, one person can completely setup and integrate the system into existing Motorola Radio Networks.
- Electrically or hydraulically operated masts - Variable heights of 65, 85 and 100 feet provide optimal coverage.
- Un-guyed tower - Raised and lowered either electrically or hydraulically. The tower is stable and meets TIA/EIA specifications for standard antenna arrangement.
- Safety and stability - Leveling jacks and 4-wheel electronic brakes add safety and stability and is self-grounded with deployment of downriggers.


The ASTRO® 25 with High Performance Data is an innovative wireless system that delivers rapid mobile intelligence with greater speed and more efficient spectrum use.

It is the first wireless data system to provide 96kbps of data in the current private radio frequency band. It operates in both 700 and 800 MHz, using the standard 25KHz channel allocations.

Performance exceeds any wireless wide-area technology. Designed to meet the special needs of private data networks, ASTRO 25 HPD brings rapid intelligence to decisions made in the field.


i.   Text messaging                     iv.   Browser access
ii.  Mobile identification               v.   Remote reporting
iii. Geographical location            vi.   Command and control


Reliable, accurate and real-time information can make the difference between a difficult and a successful outcome.

ASTRO® 25 networks, our Project 25 standards based mission-critical network, provides integrated voice and data communications for emergency response and coordinated communications during and after an incident.

ASTRO 25 Mission Critical Integrated Voice and Data Network provides the backbone for delivering information that's needed, anywhere, anytime.

From voice communications, to text messaging, to over the air reprogramming, users have access to information for enhanced decision making.


- For more than 65 years Motorola has been a leading provider of interoperable communications for public safety and first responders. The ASTRO ® 25 network provides enhanced features and benefits.
- Immediate and assured voice - the ASTRO 25 network design provides rapid response when the push to talk is activated. Superior call processing means that an officer's call get's through.
- IP flexibility and dependability - allowing both voice and data over a common IP based network providing optimal mission critical message delivery.
- System flexibility - Multiple system configurations available to meet the needs of agencies whether they are small communities to statewide systems.
- Standards based - Meets the project 25 standard for interoperability giving you a framework to maximize technology longevity.
- Interoperability - Ability to communicate seamlessly with other agencies and jurisdictions that have Project 25 compliant systems.
- Seamless mobility - across multiple integrated data, HPD, and Mesh networks using the Multi-net Mobility router.
- End-to-end encryption - allow you to protect critical information with encrypted communications.
- Network security - built in to the ASTRO ® 25 network is robust network security features to protect your system for attacks.
- Proven success - Motorola has more installed project 25 networks world wide with public safety agencies. This proven success can provide you the confidence you need that Motorola can meet your needs.


Increase productivity and responsiveness with a broad range of voice-interoperable communications devices. From basic push-to-talk to IP telephony with data to comprehensive voice and data, you have the freedom to select a specialized device for each employee without sacrificing seamless reliability.

WAVE Work Group Communications

Every Device. Every Network. Every Team. Connected Like Never Before.

WAVE Work Group Communications is a communications interoperability and broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that delivers real-time voice and data securely over any network using any device.

From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, users can use the devices they already have and the networks they already subscribe to and PTT with other teams and individuals both inside and outside of their communication system.

Wherever your personnel are, whatever they do, WAVE Work Group Communications lets them connect with simple, secure and affordable PTT.


Reinvent your workforce with the right radio.

From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Information is instantaneous. Decision-making becomes easier. Safety gets stronger. Productivity increases. Service improves and customers are more satisfied.

Whether you want ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth or industry-leading data applications, we have the right radio that fits your needs today and evolves with new features to address your requirements tomorrow. Our radios are trusted by more than 1 million users and designed with a robust mix of features to increase workforce efficiency, productivity and safety.


With our professional team and quality tools & equipment, we have the capacity to design, develop, install and commission reliable, effective and efficient Mission Critical Communication Solutions on any scale. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you achieve communication efficiency.


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