Voice Recorder


A new solution brought to the market is more than just a stripped-down version of TRBOnet Enterprise. Rather, it is a modern looking product with the new design and rich functionality. The software is compatible with MOTOTRBO radio systems based on control radios, as well as IP-based conventional and trunked systems like IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and Linked Capacity Plus.

TRBOnet Voice Recorder for MOTOTRBO is an easy-to-use application that enables recording of voice calls over IP and control radios and provides tools for efficient searching. Voice Recorder is capable of multiple functions including, but not limited to:

Voice recording over IP. Unlike most voice recording solutions on the market, TRBOnet Voice Recorder does not require control (donor) radios. For such MOTOTRBO radio networks as Single Site, IPSC, Capacity Plus or Linked Capacity Plus, it is possible to use the IP interface to record voice calls. At the same time, you can still use the RF link (via control radios), if the direct IP connection is not available.

Time stamps, call types, calling and called party IDs and other useful information allows you to find any recording in no time.

Embedded audio player for instant playback. You can select one or several recordings and play them back in the application.

Support for TNA and WAV audio formats. While WAV files are supported by virtually any audio player, the TNA format provides a better compression ratio without losing any important information.

Storage options. You can store all your audio files on the PC or on any other networked storage device.

Ability to add searchable comments to any voice call.



It has applications in the following markets:

  • Student Management
  • Mining
  • Public Safety
  • Hosting


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