System Health Monitor
Watch is a client-server application which allows you to monitor a radio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for on-site visits and significantly reducing travel costs. Starting with version 3.0 TRBOnet Watch supports mobile clients, which enables mobile phone users to check the system status remotely. The applications for Android and iOS devices can be downloaded from Play Store or Appstore by clicking the respective link below or scanning the respective QR code.


TRBOnet Watch is an advanced software packet sniffer designed for logging and analyzing data streams in your MOTOTRBO radio networks. The solution gives you an integrated view into the health of your network, monitors infrastructure resource usage and allows a user to detect topology problems and verify that all components of the system are configured correctly.

Watch is a client-server application which allows you to monitor a radio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for on-sites visits and significantly reducing travel costs.

Supported Systems
IP Site Connect
Capacity Plus
Linked Capacity Plus (with certain limitations)
Capacity Max (version 2.6 or newer)

Real-Time Monitor

The real-time monitor shows activity on each slot of your system. TRBOnet™ Watch is capable of determining what kind of data is transmitted on available channels. You can easily verify that radios send registration statuses and GPS data to the system. This software can recognize voice calls, telemetry and option board data, as well as text messages and system packets. The log contains detailed information about each entry including sender and recipient IDs, slots, talkgroups and signal strength for voice calls.

Topology Monitor

Topology monitor gives you an insight into MOTOTRBO networks connected to TRBOnet Watch. It helps you pinpoint configuration problems and check if there have been any alarms from the repeaters. This is especially useful for large multi-site systems. It also allows you to check if new repeaters have been successfully added to your network. The Topology screen allows you to verify that all components of the system, including dispatch software, have unique IDs and there are no conflicting IDs. The Diagnostic tab provides the full information about IP connections in the system and the uptime for each repeater. This tab offers enhanced features such as remote channel change or disabling repeaters

Reports and Analytics

The Reports and Analytics module are designed to visualize megabytes and gigabytes of information obtained from the radio network. Advanced filters help you get a clear understanding of system performance by the system, slot, frequency, unit ID or talkgroup. This information can be used to bill customers using your radio infrastructure. The System Usage report is of interest to those who want to ensure their systems have sufficient capacity for efficient communications. The All Channels Busy (ACB) report shows how often the radio channels have not been available for radio users within a user defined time interval.

Core Features

All MOTOTRBO Systems
You can monitor MOTOTRBO networks of any size, starting from simple single repeater systems to complicated multi-site trunked radio networks.


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